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Inclusion for All: Planning & Implementing Classroom Strategies for Gifted & Highly Capable Learners

🕣 8.30 am - 3.30 pm
🗓️ November 22 - 23, 2024
🧭 Chiang Mai, Thailand

The main objective of the workshop is to equip educators with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to create an inclusive classroom environment that effectively caters to the diverse needs of gifted and highly capable learners.
Target Audience

◦ Teachers

◦ Learning support services personnel

◦ School psychologists


◦ Coordinators

◦ Associate principals


◦ Gifted coordinators

Implementable Skills
Participants will learn how to identify these students within their classrooms and understand their individual needs better.

Participants will learn how to develop and implement instructional approaches that cater to the specific needs of gifted students. This might include differentiation techniques, enrichment opportunities, and personalized learning plans.

Participants will learn how to support the social and emotional needs of gifted learners, including strategies for addressing perfectionism, stress, and underachievement. They will gain tools for fostering resilience, growth mindset, and positive self-concept.

Participants will walk away with a comprehensive toolkit of evidence-based strategies specifically designed to nurture the potential of all learners, including gifted and highly capable students.
Topics Covered
◦ Understanding Giftedness, Informal Identification in the Classroom
Planning for Inclusion and Differentiation
◦ Tiering instruction & “teaching up”
◦ Curriculum compacting
◦ Subject acceleration & telescoped curriculum
Personalized Plans (individual and small group), Collaboration (with paraprofessionals and school personnel), Advocacy, Professional Development, and Networking
Interactive presentations, case studies and scenarios, group discussions, short student videos, reflection & action planning
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